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Let’s go on a journey where faith fuels your fire and strategy lights the path. Whether you’re a seasoned warrior or a fresh-faced adventurer, here, you’ll find the tools, the support, and the inspiration to unleash your God-given potential.

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Ready to embark on your grand adventure?

  • Explore my faith-fueled consulting classes.
  • Invest in your future with one-on-one coaching and unlock your full potential.
  • Join my community and find the support and encouragement you need to reach for the stars.

Remember, your journey begins here. With every prayer, every strategy, every victory, you’re leaving a legacy that echoes through eternity. So, grab your torch, ignite your faith, and let’s conquer the world, one step, one prayer, one miracle at a time.

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Breakthrough Programs

Rise Above & Soar: Break through limitations, claim your victories, and reach your next level with my powerful programs and life-changing resources.

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Masterclass & Events

Ditch the doubt and grab your prayer sword! Our classes are your strategic arsenal, equipping you with the tools and tactics to conquer your goals.

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1-on-1's & Multi Sessions

We’ll break through plateaus, navigate spiritual warfare, and ignite the fire within that propels you towards your destiny.

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Prayer Wall

The Prayer Wall is a divine force for good. Share your requests, big or small, and watch the miracles unfold. 

Dr. Cora B. Jakes

Looking to leave a lasting mark on your next event? Dr. Cora B. Jakes isn’t just a speaker, she’s a spiritual force of nature. She’s a preacher who ignites hearts, a teacher who unlocks minds, and a host who brings communities together in shared light.


Dr. Jakes offers a captivating spectrum of engagements:

  • Inspirational Talks: Let her electrify your conference with a keynote address that leaves a lasting impact.
  • Faith-Fueled Workshops: Equip your community with practical strategies for spiritual growth and personal success.
  • Powerful Preaching: Witness the transformative power of her sermons, a moving experience that touches hearts and souls.
  • Engaging Host: Make your event unforgettable with her dynamic personality and ability to connect with any audience.

Ready to dive deeper into your faith, unlock hidden strength, and experience profound transformation? Look no further than these inspiring spiritual books.

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